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Workshop with theatre and acting techniques and physical exercises

The workshop leader: Richard Blöß *1967

As an experienced sales trainer, with over 35 years of practice, he not only contributes his daily know-how in dealing with people, but also his experience on and behind the stage. He is also a trainer for presentation, rhetoric and personality development. In improtheatre he was a player in improX in Vienna for three years, accompanied by a semester of coaching by Jim Libby. Based on the blind date theatre in Münster and the approach of Keith Johnston, Richard Blöß has earned his spurs on the impro stage. He can also talk out of the box as a magician and conferancier, and in addition he has a 2-year training as a puppeteer. A wealth of experience which he can pass on well, as he is also a coach according to the Kiel consulting model and a multiple Dale Carnegie alumni and assistant coach.

The workshop:   an intensive day workshop from 8:3o to 17:oo with the following contents:

  • Physical exercises to anchor feelings and make them „retrievable”
  • short game cycles to grow on and in improvisation
  • interact with and learn from each other
  • making emotions tangible and expressable
  • have a ready tongue
  • come across as authentic

After the workshop the participants are able to react more quick-wittedly and still remain authentic. In addition, they will learn tools and techniques to quickly put themselves into feelings in order to recall them.

This workshop has been specially developed and designed for people who want to be able to interact with people in conversation and react appropriately to a wide variety of scenarios.

Maximum number of participants usually 16 people

„There are ALWAYS more than 2 possibilities“